1/20 Reviewed starters, classroom procedures, my action plan and sent home disclosure for them due on 1/22
1/21 Reviewed lab safety and Lab contract. Lab contract will need to be signed by parents to participate in labs. Vocabulary words handed out and will be due on 1/28
1/22 Heat power point was given Students will choose between three assignments: worksheet, class demonstration, report.
1/25 Thermal Energy and how it relates to kinetic energy, specific heat, heat and temperature. We discussed the essentials specific heat and how it relates to temperature and other particles. Vocabulary words are moved to 2/1. No story due with them.
1/26 Thermal heat lab. This lab is designed to show several different types of heat and how they relate. A demonstration of specific heat was performed by Mr. Teece.
1/27 Bill Nye Heat video. No Homework assigned
1/28 Class lecture intro to waves. Went over wave parts and how energy transfers through waves. No homework assigned.
1/29 Heat Assignment Due. Students viewed an interactive demonstration on waves. click here to download link. Students finished up waves lecture. No homework assigned.
2/1 Vocabulary Words Due. Students engaged into a demonstration of sound waves. Set up a court room for the trial of waves.
2/2 Bill Nye sound video. Demonstration of sound wave with flames. was given. Students received a project with eight different options. Each is required to have waves, friction, and gravity tied in to the project.
2/3 Lab Report Due. Students started and went through the different parts of the Electromagnetic spectrum. How each part is part of our daily lives.
2/4 Students were taught about the characteristics of Reflection and Refraction. Review of previous material. New Project Assignment.
2/5 Students watched Bill Nye video on Light. You may watch this on You Tube.
2/8 Students worked on Gravity and how gravity relates to mass and weight.
2/9 Students worked on how Gravity and Friction and the relationship with with each other.
2/10 Student Led conference collection day. Students watched Bill Nye video on Friction. You may watch this on You Tube
2/11 Friction Lab. Students performed tasks that relate to friction and how to calculate the net force for moving an object LAB REPORT DUE
2/12 Finished friction lab data. Performed a fold-able waterfall as an assignment to help study for the
2/16 Friction Lab Due Test Review
2/17 Mutiple Choice Test
Fold-able Waterfall Due Essay Test.
2/19 Float or Flop. Worked on inferences from what they learned from the previous boat competition.
2/22 Trebuchet Siege. Gives the history of the trebuchet along with the physics behind the machine.NEW ASSIGNMENT due 2/24 listen along
2/23 Vocabulary words. Read textbook on the simple machines. Helps students to understand each and there mechanical advantage for each simple machine.NEW ASSIGNMENT due 2/25
2/24 Listen along Due Reviewed test results, reviewed simple machines finished Trebuchet movie
2/25 Vocabulary Due. Reviewed the requirements of the Trebuchet, Students received trebuchet websites to review. Student were given and explanation of complex machines. NEW ASSIGNMENT Due 3/5 Rube Goldberg
3/1 Bill Nye Simple machines. Students take notes on how this will affect. Review Trebuchet procedures for the next two days.


3/2 Test Trebuchet machines.
3/3 Test Trebuchet machines
3/4 Test Trebuchet machines and work on hitting targets.
3/5 Float or Flop
3/8 Mechanical Advantage lecture
3/9 Review day
3/10 Mechanical advantage in class lab
3/11 1st period review
3/12 Float or flop
3/15 ALL LATE WORK MUST BE IN test review day
3/16 Test day on simple machines