1/20 Classroom procedure and rules
1/20 for discipline on the hopefully rare occasion
1/21 Lab safety and procedure contract
1/21 vocabulary word assignments
1/22 heat power point slides
1/22 Option of this worksheet, Report, or class demonstration.
2/1. Wave gravity and friction project.
2/3. Option Project. Must pick one option.
2/11 This friction lab is different than the one done in class. However the concept is the same.
2/12 Use the following from top to bottom. Gravity, Friction, Waves, Longitudinal, Transverse, Heat, Conduction, Radiation, Convection, Vocabulary, Notes
2/19 disclosure of the criteria and rules of the trebuchet and catapults for class.
2/22 Listen along document for the Medieval Siege
2/23 Student follow the directions for your vocabulary words.
2/25 Criteria for the catapult and trebuchet grading and requirements.
2/25 Rube Goldberg assignment. You will not be graded on your artwork.
2/25 Review of Simple machines. Not an Assignment
2/25 Review of levers. Not an assignment.
2/25 Research ideas for the Trebuchet. Not an assignment
3/1 Mechanical advantage lab on levers and incline planes. Done at home as an alternative to the rube goldberg paper.