Welcome to the parent Page. I will continue to develop this page and hope it comes in handy for you. Please keep my cell phone number handy and use it if you are trying to help your student study and do not understand the concepts. I will be more than happy to explain them to you.

Research has proven that parental involvement increases the students learning ability and success. I want success for all of my students.

I am including several documents that should have come home with your student. However, if they have not, you may download them here for your records.

Each of these will need to be signed and returned. My Action Plan is when we have some behaviors that need to be addressed and corrected. The other two are the students expectations in lab and class.

I want to take the time to say that I have very high expectations of your students. They are smart and intelligent. I will push them and they will complain. It happens all the time. But be rest assured. I know they can do it. I highly suggest we work together to ensure the homework is done. This is the key to my class. I live and die by a motto which your students will come to know by heart in my class. Work Hard, Play Hard, have fun Hard. If you work hard you will get to play. If you do not work, it will never be fun. I love to play and have fun. However if the work is not done, we can't play. It is like chores when we were young. When we are playing, it will be fun and we can get through tough things and have fun doing them.

Another motto is "Failure is only a failure if you do not learn from it." Encourage your students to ask questions, be active participants and try and connect ideas together. Science is connected to everything in our lives. An exercise you can try is to think of any profession which does not include science.

The items we will be learning are the UTAH STATE CORE found atwww.schools.utah.gov/curr/Sci/secondary/default.htm . I have also attached it here.

I look forward to a great school year.

Mr. Richard Teece